Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hand Carved and Darkroom Door~great together!

Hi guys!!
I have been making some small cards, using the hand carved bird house stamps I carved.  I have been wanting to do this, just couldn't find the time:):) between puzzles and the NBA playoffs ~ there are just so many hours in a day:):)

These are the hand carved bird houses that I used ~

and the Darkroom Door stamps I used~ two of my favorite:):)

I use Ranger Ink /Wendy Vecchi and markers by Stampin' Up.  The cards are about
 a 3" X 4" give or take. Perfect size for tucking in a gift bag, a plant or leaving it on a desk with a candy bar:):)

I love how they stamped and added with the All Occasions and Chicken Wire background stamps from Darkroom Door ~they look even better:)
Thanks for stopping by~
See ya soon~

Try It Tuesday~Juicing!

Hi guys!!! 
Hubby and I started back juicing.  We took a 15 year break:):).  
Our kids juice and that got us back into it.
Our juicer was top of the line, um ....15 years ago, but it still makes great juice.
So, no Jack LaLanne for us.  
We like to try different combinations but our favorite is plain ole'
carrot and apple.

I had some Kale so this batch has Kale in it.  Note the green tint.

Kale, Apple and Carrot~

Nothing goes to waste. Our chickens love what is in the blue bucket.  I have seen recipes
 for muffins, but have not tried that.  Gotta keep our chickens happy:):)

I put the juice in canning jars and it will last up to three days in the fridge.  It never does though,
 we drink before then:)

The Carrot / Apple is on the left and Kale/Carrot/ Apple on the right.
Delicious guys, try it !!!
I will be sharing more my life here on the ranch~hope that is OK with you:):):)
See ya soon~

Monday, April 28, 2014

Clear Scraps~Basketball Album

Hi guys!!
 I have a Basketball mini album to show you!! I used an acrylic album by Clear Scraps. Remember I went to a Spurs  vs. Pacers game in Indiana last month, that is what my album is about~ that game (that we won)!!!

I have a tutorial up on Clear Scraps with how I put it together.   I had such fun putting this together knowing all of my memorabilia is in one place. I even clipped the program to the back of the mini album.

I had the ticket stubs and two programs to work with.  Instead of using pattern paper I used the other program.  I used Zip Dry by Beacon to adhere the paper to the acrylic.  It is amazing with acrylic:):)
I hope you will take a look at the tutorial:):)
For you guys that know I have been having a hard time blogging, I took the advice of several peeps and down loaded Chrome~I'm blogging on Chrome.  Fire Fox lets me blog every now and then and I didn't like having to up load to Photo Bucket and grab the code.  No problems so far~now if these shingles will leave I'll be good:):)
See ya soon~

Friday, April 25, 2014

Gone junkin' Friday~

Hi guys, ready for some junkin'~
I found some cool stuff not sure what I'm going to do with it
 but does that matter?
Here we go~
My original idea, Plan A didn't work, so on to Plan B, but isn't it cool. 
(I thought the wire lifted up so I could put Easter eggs in it for a table centerpiece, but it doesn't)
chick feeder

I loved this little book~
It's by Rand McNally Publisher (the map people)

I have already used one of the clips, I bought 3 in Indiana.  Be looking for it~
$1.25 each
 This is one of those cool items~ no, not a carpenters but for brick masons. 

I can't pass these milk caps up, I'll admit it~pitiful, I know:):)
All of these were
I'll have more next Friday~

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Berry Baskets~The Curtsey Boutique

I love these Berry Baskets from The Curtsey Boutique, just like they are:):)!
I added them to an enamel tray, that sits next to my Keurig (coffee maker), and it is so handy to have the coffee, stevia and biscotti all in one place:) 
Don't you love the teal color?  Sometimes it's best to just leave it alone
 (and this is one of those times)!!

The chalk tag, burlap butterfly, felt rose and heart stick pins can also be found in
Have a great day!!
See ya soon~

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Try It Tuesday~Our Bottle Tree!!!!

Our bottle tree~
for Try It Tuesday!!!!
Hubby came up with the design and the bottles were collected
 from our property!!
We go on walks with the "grands" and they like to pick the bottles up.
We needed a place for them to land and look pretty!!
We are going to add a topper with that special bottle,
I got happy news yesterday~those are far and view, let me tell you:):)
but I'm still having fun and love to create!!!
See ya soon~

Monday, April 21, 2014

Button Jar with The Curtsey Boutique

Hi guys!!!
I made this button jar with the plastic jars from The Curtsey Boutique.
The lids are fancy and so cute.  The button card is using more of the handmade embellishments from the shop.

Here is the button card (buttons from cork, mustache tag, key, seam binding ribbon, twine) 
all from the Etsy store.  I always find new stuff when I visit.

Thanks for stopping by~we had a great Easter!! Missing some of our family but the
 "little ones" help with that:):):)
I still can not blog through Fire Fox~Ugh!!  Very frustrating for sure.
See ya soon~

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

Junkin' and inspired!

Hi guys!!!
A couple of weeks ago I found these small clip boards, about a 5" X 7" (apx.)
At first I thought about covering them with paper and them a saw a stand made out of 
a 2x4 in Indiana.  
Hubby and I came up with a Texas version~

 The long groove is where the clip board goes, the
front groove is a worm hole:):)
And here is what it looks like~

It sits in the groove chiseled out. The wood is Texas Mesquite from the ranch.
The stand and tiles are from a scrabble game set!!!
Have a great weekend~
See ya soon~

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Darkroom Door~Kombi cards!!!

Hi guys!!!
Blogging when I can get on~
This is set I made for Darkroom Door using the Kombi  Photo Stamp. 
 We call it a Volkswagen Van!!

I made two cards, using some old Basic Grey paper, I had stashed away:).

The reverse side of the print was a pale yellow, so I stamped the Kombi on that side.
  I loved the results!!! It gave the image a yellow tint.  I used  Brown Archival Ink by Ranger (Wendy Vecchi)~Potting Soil!!!

Thanks for stopping by~
See ya soon, one way or another:):)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Try It Tuesday~The Curtsey Boutique, Easter Treats!

Easter is fast approaching and The Curtsey Boutique has some really cute bakery bags that can easily be made into treat bags.  Here is one I made using the Kraft Bakery bag.

The seam binding ribbon, doilies and white tags are also found in the Etsy shop.  The rubber stamp is by Inkadinkado.   The shop is always adding new items and they are handmade or embellished.
Take a look:):)
See ya soon~

Monday, April 14, 2014

Clear Scraps~ Send-It-Clear Card

hi guys!!!
            I think I'm going to be able to blog~we will see:):)
This is a Send-It-Clear card by Clear Scraps.  It is one of their latest designs.  I love doing these cards.  They are quick and look very special looking!!!  When we send a card, isn't that the message we want to get through~

The paper is by Jillibean Soup.  I used Zip Dry by Beacon, to adhere the 
paper to the acrylic.  Clear Scraps has 15 different acrylic cards.  You can see them HERE.
Thanks for stopping By`
See ya soon ( I hope, crossing fingers and toes) ~

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Testing~with Epiphany Crafts!

Trying to figure out a way to blog~this is uploading from photo bucket.
Still can't get Fire Fox to work with Blogger~UGH!!!!
This is an old post from when I was creating for Epiphany Crafts!
I have always loved this one:):)
See ya soon~

Friday, April 11, 2014

Darkroom Door ~ Texture!!!!!

Hi guys!!!
I have been trying, for days, to blog and blogger wouldn't let me:(
but all is well, blogger is back:):)
This is a card I made using the new texture stamps from Darkroom Door.
I used the Plaid Texture stamp, the   All Occasions set, Polka Dots background set and Vintage Office.
The ink is by Distress and Archival by Ranger!!!
 I have 2 of the grands here and we are painting and using markers maybe even some stamp carving today!! Have a good one~
See ya soon~

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Try It Tuesday~ Stamp Carving and a Spurs game!

Hi guys!!!
Thanks for stopping by for Try It Tuesday~
I have been stamp carving again:):)
very relaxing for me (in my shingles condition),
anyway here are a few hand carved stamps from my drawings:)

My inspiration came from an antique mail box a good friend gave me:)
 I have got to get back to class and learn letters and numbers~
and here is another one~

A banner.   This one I'm going to carve again and make it bigger.
  This one is about 3" wide.
I was looking around the internet and found a couple fun things~
Scrapbook & Card Today Magazine Blog ~ has my Raskog Cart on it:):) and ideas 
(lots of them) on organizing with it.
The tutorial for the famous pin cushion is hereIt has 15,356 page views
and this one~
This is just for fun~

We went to the Spurs vs Pacers while we were in Indiana.
  Had a great time and we WON!!!!

See ya soon~