Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Blogs 4 Boobies Blog Hop~ stamping out Cancer!

Hi guys!!
 A BIG welcome to the Blogs 4 Boobies Blog Hop~

This is a Blog Hop to raise funds to help stamp out Cancer!!! 
 We all have a friend or know someone that has Cancer and if you are like me
 you hug them tight and pray!!!  Dedicated to ~ Dia, Frank, Nick, Sara and Susan! This fight is for you, and many others, that are battling this disease. 
 I hope you will consider bidding on my card set and
with that in mind let's get started~

Card #1 

Card #2
This has some October Afternoon scraps of pattern paper with cardstock.

Card #3

Card #4

If you win the Bid this is what you will receive~4 cards with envelopes (decorated) and a small acrylic clipboard by Clear Scraps.  Plus a vintage key tied to the clipboard.
Bid Process~Very easy!
To my  blog visitors and followers make a bid, for the card set, in the comment section of this  blog post. Bidding starts at $5.  Put your email address next to the bid as a way of "signing it" or authenticating the bid. 
Winner Process~
The winning bidder will receive a paypal invoice from Skipping Stones Designs aka Heather Engebretson and she will collect the money. All of which will be donated on July 1, 2016. to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
Shipping Process~
Once the winning bidder pays via PayPal  and I receive notice from Skipping Stones Design I will ship your Card Set with Clipboard to you.
Shipping to USA addresses only.
TADAA!!! That is how you stamp out cancer!!
Next up is:     Ilina Crouse
These cards fit in a standard envelope (provided in the bid) and will require NO extra postage, when you go to send them out to your friends :) that means no trip to the post office for extra postage.   
Thanks for stopping by and BID Away!!!!


  1. These are awesome and for such a great cause! I bid $20.00 :) :)

  2. Wonderful set of cards for such an important cause!!

  3. Connie, such an awesome set of cards!!!!! I love them!

  4. Love all the cute paper piecing! (By the way, the permalink on the Skipping Stones Blog doesn't link...I had to click on 'Home' on your blog page to get to you...)Congrats on your first bid!

  5. Connie your cards are fabulous. Thank you for being a part of our Blogs 4 Boobies hop.

  6. LOVE love love your cards and you already have a $20 bid yay!!! Thanks So much for joining us today!!!

  7. These are all so fabulous!! I love the designs of all of them!! They look amazing!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  8. Great cards and great designs! A pleasure to hop with you!~Kim K. at My Kraft Kloset

  9. Awesome cards! So happy to be hopping with you!😊

  10. Awesome cards! So happy to be hopping with you!😊

  11. Awesome cards! I just became a new follower. I bid $30.00! nclights7 at gmail dot com

  12. Such fun designs! Awesome mixture of patterns!

  13. Ok ... I have been outbid - so here I am again -- I bid $50.00 :) :)

  14. Fantastic collection of cards!! So glad to do this hop with you and meet so many wonderful designers!!

  15. Love these cards!
    Kim - Lily Patch Stamps


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