Monday, April 28, 2014

Clear Scraps~Basketball Album

Hi guys!!
 I have a Basketball mini album to show you!! I used an acrylic album by Clear Scraps. Remember I went to a Spurs  vs. Pacers game in Indiana last month, that is what my album is about~ that game (that we won)!!!

I have a tutorial up on Clear Scraps with how I put it together.   I had such fun putting this together knowing all of my memorabilia is in one place. I even clipped the program to the back of the mini album.

I had the ticket stubs and two programs to work with.  Instead of using pattern paper I used the other program.  I used Zip Dry by Beacon to adhere the paper to the acrylic.  It is amazing with acrylic:):)
I hope you will take a look at the tutorial:):)
For you guys that know I have been having a hard time blogging, I took the advice of several peeps and down loaded Chrome~I'm blogging on Chrome.  Fire Fox lets me blog every now and then and I didn't like having to up load to Photo Bucket and grab the code.  No problems so far~now if these shingles will leave I'll be good:):)
See ya soon~


  1. What a cool book!!! Love that you included the tickets. Its so much fun to look back on.

  2. Love love love this! LOVING the colors!!! And YAY for Chrome working and BOO to Shingles :(

  3. OK now that is just too fun..I love the shape too..

  4. That is SOOO Cool -
    I love things that are just different!!!


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