Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Try It Tuesday~Juicing!

Hi guys!!! 
Hubby and I started back juicing.  We took a 15 year break:):).  
Our kids juice and that got us back into it.
Our juicer was top of the line, um ....15 years ago, but it still makes great juice.
So, no Jack LaLanne for us.  
We like to try different combinations but our favorite is plain ole'
carrot and apple.

I had some Kale so this batch has Kale in it.  Note the green tint.

Kale, Apple and Carrot~

Nothing goes to waste. Our chickens love what is in the blue bucket.  I have seen recipes
 for muffins, but have not tried that.  Gotta keep our chickens happy:):)

I put the juice in canning jars and it will last up to three days in the fridge.  It never does though,
 we drink before then:)

The Carrot / Apple is on the left and Kale/Carrot/ Apple on the right.
Delicious guys, try it !!!
I will be sharing more my life here on the ranch~hope that is OK with you:):):)
See ya soon~


  1. You made me thirsty for Healthy.

  2. Look at you! Up early today! Great all the vitamins and antioxidants you're getting! Not high in calories either. I have that Kitchen Aide (35 years old, I do believe). Got my son & DIL one for their wedding:)

  3. I haven't tried juicing, but I'd like to. These look yummy!

  4. ooooo I've never tried juicing - I've just never been tempted. You made it sorta look good lol!

  5. How cool! My son would love this!!! :) Evie

  6. Yum!
    I made juice when the kids were small. Maybe 20 years ago? Now I wonder why I stopped. :)

  7. I love adding the shredded veg to soups - adds wonderful bulk and flavour!
    Helen -- Firenze Cards


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