Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Try It Tuesday~ Stamp Carving and a Spurs game!

Hi guys!!!
Thanks for stopping by for Try It Tuesday~
I have been stamp carving again:):)
very relaxing for me (in my shingles condition),
anyway here are a few hand carved stamps from my drawings:)

My inspiration came from an antique mail box a good friend gave me:)
 I have got to get back to class and learn letters and numbers~
and here is another one~

A banner.   This one I'm going to carve again and make it bigger.
  This one is about 3" wide.
I was looking around the internet and found a couple fun things~
Scrapbook & Card Today Magazine Blog ~ has my Raskog Cart on it:):) and ideas 
(lots of them) on organizing with it.
The tutorial for the famous pin cushion is hereIt has 15,356 page views
and this one~
This is just for fun~

We went to the Spurs vs Pacers while we were in Indiana.
  Had a great time and we WON!!!!

See ya soon~


  1. I totally love your stamps. The banner is great. Connie, I am sorry I haven't kept up lately. I am very sorry that you are having to deal with the shingles. My prayers are with you.

  2. Very nice stamps ! you really are talented !

  3. Those stamps are sooooo cool. Looks like you had a great time at the game. Feel better soon.

  4. LOVING the new stamps ... that banner one is beautiful!! And how cool those links you shared!! And great pics from the game!!!!! Feel better soon!!!!!

  5. Connie, I am just loving all this stamp makin...just looks like loads of fun....and you know what else...I miss you my friend....lets chat soon...


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