Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Berry Baskets~The Curtsey Boutique

I love these Berry Baskets from The Curtsey Boutique, just like they are:):)!
I added them to an enamel tray, that sits next to my Keurig (coffee maker), and it is so handy to have the coffee, stevia and biscotti all in one place:) 
Don't you love the teal color?  Sometimes it's best to just leave it alone
 (and this is one of those times)!!

The chalk tag, burlap butterfly, felt rose and heart stick pins can also be found in
Have a great day!!
See ya soon~


  1. Adorable way to showcase everyday stuff.

  2. love those berry baskets.. fabulous idea.

  3. What a great idea!!! I loveeeeeeee them!!!!!

  4. Such cute stuff. I try and stay off of Etsy - I can't seem to leave there without spending money!

  5. Had to know those berry baskets were on your blog:). Some of the farmers at the Farmer's Market (summer) still give them, but I take them back the next week. The enamel tray's a neat idea.

  6. what a fun way to use those berry baskets!
    too cute

  7. AWESOME!!
    Lovely idea! And I love the ..."retro" style of baskets!
    @ the market I've only seen flimsy plastic berry baskets...
    Thanks for sharing Connie~

  8. I love how you dressed up these adorable baskets. Love the chalk tag too!


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