Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Try It Tuesday~ same stamps different cards!

Hi Guys!
Thanks for stopping by for Try It Tuesday.  A fun challenge~same stamps, two different cards.
Take out some stamps and start creating but the catch is two cards, same stamps.  Here is what I created, even used paper scraps!

Similar but different.  
These are the stamps I used~

Who said you have to use the same manufacture, who said no mixing of stamps, who said that?
Have fun and create something beautiful!!
See ya soon~

Monday, August 29, 2016

August Tag with Clear Scraps!

Hi, Connie here to share my August tag with you.  I used an acrylic tag by Clear Scraps and Stazon ink to create tag full of "Joy".

Aug tag_clear scraps_c. mercer
Clear Scraps products used: acrylic tag, mini Sunflower  shape, 6X6 stencils (Fruit of the Spirit, Chicken Wire) and 3X12 stencil (He Lives).
Other products: Faber Castell, Stazon, Beacon, acrylic paint, patterned paper and trim.


  • Remove plastic film from both sides of the acrylic tag.

  • Using a sponge apply white Stazon ink to the front of the tag. Let dry.
  • Aug3

  • Sponge on the brown Stazon ink for the ground.

  • Sponge on the blue Stazon ink for the sky.

  • Use the He Lives stencil and sponge on the sun with orange Stazon ink.

  • Using black Stazon ink and the chicken wire stencil by Clear Scraps, sponge over the front of the tag. Let dry.

  • Mask off the “Joy” word and stencil it on the bottom of the tag. Highlight the letters with white acrylic paint, using a small brush.

  • Sponge brown Stazon ink to the stem of the flower and green Stazon ink to the leaf.

  • Cover the flower with pattern paper. Adhere with Beacon 3-IN-1.

  • Outline the sun with black acrylic paint using a small brush. Highlight with white acrylic paint in the center of the sun.

  • Add dots, on the sun, with Faber Castell/Texture Gems.

  • Adhere button and trim to tag.   

  • Thanks for stopping by~

    Friday, August 26, 2016

    Urban Oasis with Quick Quotes~

    Hi, Connie here with a scrapbook page that will hold memorabilia along with that favorite photo.. Using the Urban Oasis Collection by Quick Quotes made this project come together nicely.

    Start with two 12" papers and cut 3" off one of them. Adhere on 3 sides and you have a pocket to hold memorabilia in.  If you have heavy memorabilia then the papers would need to be attached a different way.  Look for my blog post with Quick Quotes coming soon to address that.

    The arrow was stamped using Quick Quotes PowderPuff Chalk ink/Barn Board.  Such a rich red color.
    Quick Quotes products used:
    Urban Oasis/100 and 103
    Whistlin' Dixie /104
    Whistlin' Dixie die cut stickers
    Quick Quotes PowderPuff Chalk ink~Barn Board and Coal Miner

    Thanks for stopping by~
    Connie Mercer/DT Member

    Thursday, August 25, 2016

    A bottle hang tag with S.e.i.~

    Hi, Connie here with a project that will work perfect with my last blog post using the Sprinkles Collection by S.e.i.  This collection is great for cards and making party decorations.  Let me show you~
    This is a hang tag, that was placed over a water bottle, with a pack of seeds in the pocket (created on the front of the hang tag).  The dimensions are 3 3/4"W  X  8" L.  Score at 5" and punch a circle
    ( inch and a half ) in the top flap.  You can make it as long as you need, depending on the size of bottle you want to create a hang tag for.

    Create a pocket, decorate and fill it with a birthday treat.  The bottle could also be a soda. So many ways you could put this together.  The ideas are endless.
    A fun project!!

    Thanks for stopping by~

    Connie Mercer/DT Member

    Monday, August 22, 2016

    Junkin' our way to the Beach~

    Hi guys!
    I have some junkin' finds to share with you.  Found these treasures, on the
     way to the beach, a few weeks ago ~

    Vintage church cook book~ $2

    Can't wait to try some of the dishes in the cook book.  I'll keep you posted on this~

    So tickled to find these heart jello tins. $1 for six.  Love creating with these. They
     make really pretty holiday ornaments.

    Old records book ~ $1.

    jello tins~$1.
    Can't have enough of these.

    shells~ .50 cents

    Shells I found, walking along the beach, on Mustang Island.  I could do that all day
     long, just if it wasn't so hot and humid :)
    See ya soon~

    Wednesday, August 17, 2016

    Mix Media canvas bags with Clear Scraps~

    Hi, Connie here with some canvas zippered bags that I created using the awesome 6" stencils by Clear Scraps.    I ended up using eight different stencils on these canvas bags.  The grands thought the bags were cool looking!  I guess that was a compliment~not sure.

    Clear scraps_stencil_mix media_c. mercer

    Clear Scraps stencils used on this canvas bag~
    6" Wishes, 6" Chicken Wire, 6" Humming Bird and 6" Chevron.

    Clear scraps_mix media_stencils_c. mercer

    Stencils used~ 6" Heart Arrow, 6" Chevron, 6" Quaterfoil, 6" Stars and 6" Diamonds.

    Clear scraps_stencils_mascils_c.mercer

    Stencils used~ 6" Heart Arrow, 6" Chevron and 6" Quaterfoil.

    I used a Gel plate to get my color down and then started to create a background by using different stencils.  You can use ink, acrylic paints, mists, Gelatos ~ it's all good, stencils will work with all of that!
    Thanks for stopping by~
    Connie Mercer/DT Member

    Tuesday, August 16, 2016

    Making a pocket page with Quick Quotes~

    Hi, Connie here with a scrapbook pocket page using the Earth Wind Fire collection (released soon) by Quick Quotes. I was asked to keep the memorabilia with the photos, so I came up with this pocket page.

    I started with five photos and a bunch of memorabilia from the Indy 500.  One of the brochures was heavy and thick so I needed something that wouldn't pull apart.

    1. You will need two pieces of  the same pattern 12 x 12  paper.  Cut the salvage off the bottom.
    2. Cut a one inch strip from a coordinating pattern in the collection.  Score down the middle.
    3. Adhere strong adhesive on one side of the one inch strip and lay the pattern paper in the slot.  See #2 in collage.
    4. Do the other side the same way.  You have med a hinge that won't pull apart. See #6 in collage.
    5. Before we make the pocket, go ahead and punch out a one inch half circle, making it easier to pull out the memorabilia in the soon to be pocket page. See #4 in collage.

    6. Adhere each side with strong adhesive and clamp.  Let dry and set .
    By doing the hinge at the bottom, the pocket page won't come apart even with heavy memorabilia in it.
    The front of the pocket holds 5 photos. Two on the outside and three on the inside.

    Make the fold up the size you need it, kinda of like a card, folding up to reveal the other photos.  I will have my son journal the event on the white space at the top.

    Quick Quote product used:
    Earth Wind Fire (to be released soon) : 110, 111, 109 and 101
    Whistlin' Dixie chipboard die cuts
    Quick Quotes PowderPuff Chalk inks: Light Moss, Coal Miner, Seafoam, Midnight Confession

    stickers, twine corner punch and Beacon 1-IN-3 adhesive.

    Thanks for stopping by~
    Connie Mercer/DT Member