Friday, April 18, 2014

Junkin' and inspired!

Hi guys!!!
A couple of weeks ago I found these small clip boards, about a 5" X 7" (apx.)
At first I thought about covering them with paper and them a saw a stand made out of 
a 2x4 in Indiana.  
Hubby and I came up with a Texas version~

 The long groove is where the clip board goes, the
front groove is a worm hole:):)
And here is what it looks like~

It sits in the groove chiseled out. The wood is Texas Mesquite from the ranch.
The stand and tiles are from a scrabble game set!!!
Have a great weekend~
See ya soon~


  1. Love them. I haven't done a clip board in ages. hmmmm

  2. Love love love!!! PINNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh I so need a piece of that Texas Mesquite...My daughter just bought a home 1 week ago in Mesquite TX...Is there anyway I can barter a piece of this fine wood from you??? With the slits and all...I have some old clip boards just like that I could use on it.

  4. I LOVE IT! It's PERFECT!! Thanks for the inspiration! Hope you are doing well! xo

  5. Fantastic piece, truly inspirational. Got to give this a go

  6. I love this Texas inspired project. Happy Easter!

  7. AWESOME Connie!! Love this version [better than
    covering the boards with paper: )
    What a great hubby you have to create this TX model~ A truly great
    Look how big the kids are getting!
    Thanks for sharing this great project~


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