Friday, March 14, 2014

Stamp Carving~Lesson 4 ~5!

Hi guys!
Here is what I did with lesson 4 & 5~
The lesson was on sets, to make one:):)
The first one is chevrons~

My sketch book page~
so cool, almost a quilting star.

and in my vintage Dictionary~love the blue and green inks together (Ranger/Wendy Vecchi).
Yep, and here is where I made another set~bird houses:):)

and then another set~
ivy and a label:)

My granddaughter is stamp carving too.  I'll show you her's next.
She did some original drawings and I carved them for her then she wanted to carve so...............
Love it !!
I will be sharing these fun crafts with my other (Indiana grands) very soon.  They love art too!!
Have a great weekend, see ya soon~


  1. Looking good! Isn't it surprising, the designs you can get by stamping a chevron stamp?

  2. You are the best! I love your stamps. I have to learn this.

  3. ooooo that is soooo cool. customizing your own stamps.

  4. Ohhhhhhh these are FABULOUS!! LOVING the chevrons!!!!!

  5. I love the birdhouses you made, so cute.

  6. LOVE all of these!!! They are fabulous! You have inspired me.


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