Friday, March 21, 2014

Stamp Carving~My Garden Set

Hi guys~
Now that you know my "happy" news, I have a Garden Set to share with you.   We went for a ride around the ranch today and Bluebonnets and Indian Paint are showing their color. Even purple Verbena.

 I guess you can tell I really love to carve.  I used to paint these kind of bird houses on old enamel pans, doors, old ironing boards and what ever else I could find, so these are in my head to stay.  Back then you could say it was my signature style:):)

I used Ranger Archival Ink and my Stampin' Up Markers to add the color to The Garden Set.
I need to get back to Lesson 6, is what I need to do:):) and I will. I'm coming Julie.............
See ya soon~


  1. Fabulous carving Connie! What a lovely garden set!

  2. You are totally amazing! These were carved so well and look beautiful.

  3. I missed the bluebonnets ! You're very talented at carving stamps ! It's beautiful.

  4. These are fabulous! I think you should make/sell stamps. I would buy these, adorable!!

  5. WOW Connie these are amazing.. awesome carving..super cute..

  6. Connie, you never cease to amaze me. Your talent abounds!

  7. You are sooooo talented lady!!! I love them. DO you draw too? Do you have know how to draw to carve???

  8. Your garden set is so cute.
    I just donated my birdhouses I made when I re-painted my kitchen.

  9. That is impressive creativity. You go girl!


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