Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Curtsey Boutique~ for Duncan.

Hi Guys~
Carrie Ann owner of The Curtsey Boutique is doing a fundraiser for a sweet, little angel boy named Duncan Campbell.
She is making a limited edition Gold  Fabric Flower, to raise funds to help with Duncan's medical expenses.
Carrie Ann tells the story much better ~please read her  blog post:):)

I have ordered mine:):)  and wanted to help Carrie Ann spread the word.
Here is the link for the gold fabric flower.
The Campbell family blog is giggle days.

Thank You~ 

Counting my Blessings, naming them one by one!
Andrea, Adah, Asher, Joseph and Sebastian


  1. awww hugs and prayers for recovery. heading over there. beautiful flower.


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