Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Try It Tuesday~Beauty is in the eye of the beholder:):)

Hi guys!
For Try It Tuesday I thought I would show you how to decorate with the bird nests using vintage containers.  I have found five in the last couple of months and have added little eggs and placed them in my home.
I make sure they are clean and no bugs~always!!!

I spy the bed spring:):), a vintage coffee can and a vintage pottery  dish. 
 Love, love the look.
The eggs are easy to find, any craft store.  These also look really sweet at the holidays with festive items in them.
Remember this~
I still have it out~
One more, all four of them on a vintage bread board.

Tried to take a picture of them on the table and it was really dark and hard to fix,
 so I took it outside to photograph.
To me this is another form of art and it makes me happy and reminds me of my many, many blessings (that sometime I forget).
and~these were in the yard, blowing around.
Thanks for stopping by for~



  1. Beautiful! Reminds me of a soft and gentle time.

  2. You totally rock the rustic as well. Love them.

  3. What a great way to display them!!! LOVE them!!!!

  4. I love this idea!!!
    I have seen some of the nests sitting around but I've always just left them alone ... hhhmmmm....
    By the way, I think I have a crush on the vintage bed spring!!!
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  5. Love them all and how you displayed them too, Connie!

  6. Lovely! The Foldgers can is my favorite and so timely. One of my teacher friends just got her "peeps" in the mail today and the box they came in had all kinds of chick friendly nesting. :)

  7. wow this is amazing.. LOVE your ideas..

  8. I love how you are displaying your nests.
    I really like the one in the old coffee can :)
    I too have a bit of a collection of nests..one even has some eggs in it that didn't get hatched.
    I have that one in a glass display case :)

  9. Love the birds nests décor. Got a couple out at home, couple out at work. On the weekend, I made "Birds nest challah bread". You'd love them! http://www.pinterest.com/pin/371547037980657816/


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