Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Darkroom Door~many projects!

Hi guys!!
I know I said I was going to post junkin' stuff for today but I forgot about this~
you can read all about the tag and door knob  plus several more projects up on the Darkroom Door blog, their new Blog:):):)
I hope you will check it out.  Our project posts will read like tutorials, with a supply list.

You will know exactly what we used and how we did it.  

 The rusty one is how mine look before I cleaned up and made it into a photo stand.:)
I will be up on Avocado Arts tomorrow.  This is my last month on the Pit Crew.  I will continue
 to work with the Avocado Arts brand doing guest spots and I'm very EXCITED about that!!!!

My latest junkin' finds will run Friday !!
See ya soon~
(compliments of Darkroom Door, Thank You Rachel)


  1. These are gorgeous! LOVING the colors and love love love that butterfly!!!!

  2. beautiful photo! love the photo set up. pretty tag. Can't wait to see your finds!

  3. Beautiful coordinating projects! I love your "love" stamped label on the tag and that you stamped "love" on the photo!!! Great details! :) Evie

  4. I always love your creativity with your junkin' finds. There is a show called West End Salvage on DIY that takes antiques and vintage items and remakes them into home decor in a big way. It is awesome what they do.

  5. Hi Connie
    I loved your projects on display At Darkroom Door.
    At the weekend I had fun with the beautiful Etched Flower set. Waiting for a bright day so I can photograph the project.


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