Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Clear Scraps ~ an acrylic page!

Hi guys~
This is an acrylic page using the XL Deco shape by Clear Scraps.   I used Authentique paper along with S.E.I. (Chalet sundries) to enhance the photos.

 The paper is glued to the acrylic shape, with Zip Dry by Beacon.  All embellishments are hangin' on with 3-in-1 by Beacon.  Do you notice the Texas flag waving at you from Indiana?  They loved having the flags for their "fort"!!!!

The back has a library pocket from The Curtsey Boutique.  I really love the look of those and find myself using them on the backs of layouts instead of journaling on the front.  It gives me more "freedom" to say what's on my mind:):)
see ya soon~


  1. Love love love love this!!!! LOVING the colors and the stars!!!!

  2. Very fun!! I adore die shaped pages and you rocked it!!!

  3. what a cool shape.. i love this.. looks amazing..

  4. You are rocking the acrylic! Love the library pocket and card!

  5. This is so cool, Connie! Love the shape and design!

  6. Wow...what a cool way to do a layout!! I love your idea for journaling on the back of the layout! :) Evie

  7. I adore this...awesome details and design!

  8. This is such a great page.
    I love how you used the acrylic piece!!
    Beautiful papers
    Love, love, love the library pockets ;)

  9. Isn't that neat! What a great way to have an interesting "page" on display.

  10. This is so fun! Just like a fort should be. :). I like your idea of journaling on the back. Sometimes I've wanted to write something, but censored myself so the whole world doesn't see it. :)

  11. talking about YOU today over at LESSology!

    You should come hang with us! ;-)

  12. SUCH a cool lay-out/project!
    She is getting soo big! :)
    I love how you used these colors together~


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