Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tag Class~ Tim Style with Penci!!

I took a class with Penci at Craft Crossing.  We did three tags, Tim Holtz style.   I really am focusing on learning more stamping and ink type technique's.  This year it is back to class, more on-line classes.  I really have my eye on this class by Julie Balzer, Stamp Carving 101.
Who wants to take it with me?
Sounds good, right!!!!
OK here are the tags I made with Penci~


 It would take a book for me to tell you how to make these.  It's all in the details~
I'm convinced of that.
Friday I'm up on Clear Scraps~hope you can stop by.
See ya soon~


  1. Very nice tags ! I'm all about details...

  2. Ohhhhhhhh these are gorgeous! I am LOVING that Queen of Hearts one!!!!

  3. very cool tags
    i no longer have any scrap stores around me within a 2-3 hour drive. i totally miss going to class and having fun!

  4. oooooo love tags. my problem with tags is after you make them what do you do with them. lol.

  5. Love that there is just so much to look at!!! Beautiful work! :) Evie

  6. These are so beautiful and yes, detailed too. Love them!

  7. oh these are just beautiful!
    -Rachel w k

  8. have tried 2 before and love learning new uses for the Product .

    But today i did the February one from his blog ...
    You gotta try it ..
    I really enjoyed it

    Great tags ..
    Thanks for sharing

  9. Be careful about learning more about inky techniques. It doesn't take much to become addicted.


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