Thursday, November 21, 2013

Yard sticks ~ what in the world?

Hi guys~
A sweet friend gave me this bunch of yard sticks  to make something "cool".
She just knew I was up for the challenge.  This is not an original idea, I'm sure you have seen them around, but this is my version:):)

Yes hubby helped~
back in the day (craftin' day, that is) we did lots of crafting together. He is very handy:):) to have around:) He cut and whipped these 6 point stars together in no time:)
The large ones took 3 yard sticks cut in half, giving six pieces to complete the star.
That is an Indiana pine-cone, too.
This one is named ~ Angelia

I used stuff I had, didn't buy a thing:)
This one is named ~ Marcela

This one is done primative style:)
This one is named~ Lea
I used some Maya Road, Prima, and Darkroom Door on the clusters. 

Another primitive style~
This one is named~ Connie Kay  {wait,that's my name:):)}
 and these two,  took two yard sticks cut into thirds, making the six pieces for the star.
These are still waiting on their names:):)

Thanks for stopping by~
see ya soon:)


  1. They are sooooo cool and pretty. And you named them toooo. love it!

  2. Very Cool! Except I don't see my name....:(

  3. These are great Connie!! How fun to craft together!

  4. I love love love love love these!! WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! What a great idea!!! PINNING!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. very pretty. I have about 10 yardsticks...I might need to cut at least one of them up and make this. So cute.

  6. EEEK! Such a creative idea! I love how you added the pine cones!

  7. Totally swooning over these rustic stars! What a great repurpose project!

  8. Ohh gosh, I love these! Love that you named them too. Really likin' Connie Kay the best though, so you picked a great one to name after yourself!

  9. Oh my goodness, so clever and festive too!

  10. These are so awesome, Connie! I love that you even named them. :)

  11. what a cool way to use rulers.. very creative

  12. Very crafty - the both of you. I like one with the tan and red sticks together!

  13. I saw this on Facebook and loved it. I have a bunch of free yardsticks I've collected. I need to get my hubby to do come cutting and make a few of these for Christmas presents.


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