Friday, November 1, 2013

gone junkin' friday~whoop!!!!

Hi guys~
I have some really cool stuff to show you. No link up this month, I'm not sure I have the interest for that.  If you are interested in linking up , please voice that to me.:):) 
So let's get to~

First I have something really cool { well to me it is :):)}~

My granddaughter dug the bottle up, on the ranch,.  It was facing label down ( in dirt) so hard to tell what kind it was until today~
Found the one on the L at the antique/junk store today $7.
The one on the R is the one from our ranch.

Look at the "B" font ~same . This is a Buck Brand Beverage bottle by Coca Cola.  I'm going to do more research and try to date it.

 Thought this was cool, from Eastman Kodak lab. I paid $7.

These are little note pads in a leather case, $1 each. They were promo give~a ~ways from the
Tandy Brands Outdoors. These are about 2"x 1" with a little note pad inside.

A cloche ($8) with a birds nest ($5)***love this***

I'm going to use this as a frame ($3) I'll post soon about this.

This a large spool and I loved the star ~ .80 cents.

This is a baby doll's bottle~Evenflo ( $3) You can tell it has been in the ground and I don't think the lid belongs either:):), but it is super adorable.

I thought this was super cool. I haven't had a chance to give it a good cleaning.  I paid $5 for this.  The guy had 3 and I felt like this one was the best:):)
Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you are interested in linking up each month, on the first Friday of the month.
See ya soon~


  1. Hey Connie. Love love love the cloche and birds nest. I went junking a couple weekends ago and managed to find some more doilies and an earthenware pot for my spare room finally. Yeh! Love to see your finds.x

  2. oooooo sweet! can't wait to see how you repurpose them.

  3. EEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! I would DIE for that Eastman Kodak jar!!!! HOW AWESOME!!! And loving all your finds!! I like it when you do the link up!!!!

  4. WOW GREAT FINDS... we are going antiquing this weekend.. hope to find some great decorations..

  5. Fab finds! I love those bottles!!!

  6. Love the spool and the Kodak cup! Happy Friday!

  7. Looks like you found some great finds :)

  8. Great "junk"!! How fun!
    Love all your 'finds'~
    And - the newly framed album!!
    That was brilliant~


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