Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Try It Tuesday~primative mirror all spruced up!!!

Hi guys~
remember the old mirror from a few posts back~
remember that box of old flowers ~
remember the old keys I have posted~

I took all of those and made this~

All of the little components are from junkin' trips or from friends.  The leaf embellies in each corner are glass and were sent to me by a "scrappy" friend:):).
The frame had an "O" ring on the top, I turned it upside down so the"O" ring was facing down and I attached an old key.
***** hint*****
tomorrow Clear Scraps!!!!
see ya soon~


  1. Love love love love what you did with that mirror!! GORGEOUS!!!!!

  2. oooo that is sooooo sweet and i adore that lil cluster. so pretty.

  3. Amazing how you see things outside the box. This is great Connie.

  4. WOW you really are amazing.. this is gorgeous.. i love it

  5. Absolutely beautiful, Connie! Love all of the elements in the grouping you made.

  6. WOW! I LOVE this! You did a wonderful job, Connie. It 's gorgeous!

  7. Very interesting and clever. I'm interested in vintage jewelry, beadweaving in particular. Hope to see announcement on FB so I check in & read your blog.

    FInd by writing a blog, I grow. So many possibilities, so little time!!

    Best of creativity,

  8. What a pretty mirror - great artwork! : )

  9. Your altered mirror is beautiful.
    I love your collection of old keys :)

  10. What a fabulous idea! I love how you added the key!

  11. Love it! Keys, flowers, a mirror...what a fun project!

  12. That box of flowers made me WANT THEM! ;-) Love it!


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