Monday, November 4, 2013

An old project re-worked by Sis!!!

Hi guys~
I did this piece 2 years ago for Helmar.  It was one of my last projects, while being a member of the design team.  I made this for my dad (but gave it to my mom) so it would help him remember his great-grandchildren that he didn't get to see very often.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago~Sis was at mom's and saw the mini album and told mom it was to pretty to be sitting on a shelf.

Sis took it and reworked it a bit and framed it.  Mom has been to visit this week and brought it along so I could see it~ get ready to be  "wowed"!! It turned out gorgeous~

She put some of the embellishments on the front of the frame and I loved them that way!! The back mat is covered in burlap.

Just wanted to share with you, you might have the perfect bi-fold mini album that would look awesome framed:):)
See ya soon~


  1. I love it both ways! She did an amazing job!

  2. Ohhhhhhhh this is just gorgeous! I love love love the colors and loving how she framed it!!!

  3. WOW! You both a very talented. Love how she framed it. I would've never thought of that. So pretty.

  4. This really neat Connie...I love it! It gives me an idea to do for my sweet mother in law.

  5. Love it Connie, you made a good job of it in the first place but then your sister crowned your work...
    Love ~ Lady Anne xx
    Lady Anne's

  6. wow! I love this..perfect both way!

  7. oh my this is so fantastic.. i love the design and what a fun shape too.. so so pretty

  8. Wow! what a great way to display this type of mini! I love it!

  9. Wonderful! Love the design and the colour combo is perfect! Well done!

  10. this looks awesome.
    Such a great idea…Sis did good ;)

  11. how cool is it framed!!!!! awesome work


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