Friday, November 8, 2013

remember this~ mail box front and film reel canister

 Hi guys~I hope you remember this fun stuff.  Anyway this is what I did with them~
nothing but coolness~

 I used the mail box front as a frame.  I put my business card in it~the size was perfect!  It will make a cool display:):) 

 Honestly I wish I had bought all of these  ( I walked away from 2 more:(:( )
I do that if I can't think of a plan when I see something!!

 Stenciled my favorite number on the front and put a bunch of old vintage labels in it for safe storage. 

Just vision 6 vintage film reel canisters, all lined up in this vintage dish strainer,
 that's my point "way cool" ~next time, for sure. I will buy all of them!!!
Gives me something to look for:):)
Have a great Friday!!!


  1. I love them both. My husband has a bank and a door made with the post office doors. I wonder if I can sneak away with the door. hmmmm Great inspiration Connie.

  2. Love love love love what you did with these!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!! FABULOUS!!!!!!

  3. Fab! I really love that film reel canister. And yay for number 5! :)

  4. Great idea to use the first one as a frame. Love the large No. 5 on the film canister.

  5. You are the queen of repurposing, Connie!

  6. wow wee totally love...

    Have a great weekend..

  7. Oh this is awesome! Love the reel case

  8. A few years ago I came across a bin full of the post office doors at Scott Antique Market. Right on top was one that had the number 4404 on it. That was the last 4 numbers of my parents phone number, the number I grew up with. So of course I had to have it! I keep it on a stand in my family room. They made everything so pretty back then! I'm glad someone else loves them too and keeps them out of the landfill!!!

  9. It's always such a pleasure browsing through your blog! You have such amazing finds! Love the letter box front and the film cannister!!!!! (yes, you should have bought the lot!)

  10. I love what you created with your finds :)
    I really like the mail box, such a great find

  11. Such great and useful idea's for these vintage finds!!
    I appreciate your thriftiness (not buying all three when you had no "purpose" in mind! I know though
    sometimes we regret it~
    Next time!v
    Thanks for sharing!


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