Thursday, November 14, 2013

gone junkin' friday~you know who you are, link up!!!

Hi guys~
I'm going to try again and see if we get any interest.  Anything vintage, old , junkin' find or re-purposed item is welcome here.  Love looking at other peeps treasures!!!!
This are my finds from the last several weeks~
 old bed springs $2 each
Pinterest is showing lots of ideas for these:):)

 Friend sent me these:):)  ~ I'll link up my project that I used these on.

 Loved these jars, bottles.  The Racine, Wisconsin jar was $7 yikes!!! 
The 5 pottery round  was $1.25 (really)
and the small creamer (with the milk cap) was $3

 This is what I did with them. The Wisconsin jar has old keys in it and I put the glass beads in this.

 This was ONE DOLLAR~ steal of a deal, folks!!!!

Same friend that sent me the beads sent me these:)

Thanks for stopping by~
Your turn~


  1. You find the most amazing things. Can't wait to see.

  2. Hi Connie. Apologies for this being the post I already shared with you before but I just love these finds of mine and I'm also very happy to take part in Gone Junkin' Friday from here in the UK! Louise.xx

  3. Loving your goodies you have collected!!! These are all AMAZING!!!!!!

  4. i can't wait to see what you do with these items- you always amaze me

  5. I always love seeing your finds, Connie (and what you do with them)!

  6. Love those leaves!! I would have paid $5.i00 for them---great find. I post my vintage finds on my blog too, but haven't been lately.

  7. Fun goodies! I love all those vintage labels. I did something with some of those old springs last week. Hopefully I'll get around to posting about it soon. Thanks for hosting Connie.

  8. oh so cool Connie! ummm ... nice friend you have ;)

    i'm so impressed with this linky stuff - I'm definitely going to try to link up tomorrow - actually bought something today ...

  9. You've got some wonderful "junk" there .... I love junk hunting!!!!

    diane @ aug's blog

  10. Can't wait to see what you do with those old bed springs.
    Great finds, yet again.

  11. I love to see what other treasures can be found too, I just haven't been out lately. You've found some real fab finds, there.


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