Friday, December 12, 2014

Gift card set~ Graphic45!

Gorgeous, right?
This was a class I took with Graphic45 at the Collins Group  in Houston.  It is over a year old and I just recently finished it.  It is the 12 Days of Christmas and holds 12 cards.

The box is divided into four sections, holding 3 cards in each section.  
Here are the cards~

1st day

2nd day~

3rd day~

4th day~

5th day~

6th day~
The stamps are by Hampton Art for Graphic45.
I will post the other six cards on Monday, I don't want you to go to sleep on
 me, with the post being so long:):)
Have a great weekend~
See ya soon~


  1. São todos lindos amiga,parabéns.Bom dia.Valéria.

  2. Love love love love these!!!! So gorgeous!!!!!!

  3. WOW and WOW.. this is awesome.. totally love it

  4. They are beautiful and you can't go wrong with g45.

  5. This is beautiful, Connie! So many gorgeous details. And a box too!! I got pretty excited about that. It's wonderful.


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