Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Try It Tuesday~Holiday Stamp Carving fun!

Hi guys!
Thanks for stopping in for Try It Tuesday!!!
I wanted to carve some Holly Leaves for a small gift bag idea, so that is where I started!

Decided on Candy Cane's too!  Not hard, just draw the image on the
 rubber and begin to carve around the image.

I stamped the images on these little paper bags by Queen & Co.
  Great for a "treat" or small gift!
I outlined the stamped image with a FT  black marker.

These were really quick and turned out cute!!
See ya soon~


  1. They look good enough to eat. LOL!!! Your stamps are awesome. You sell them on etsy?

  2. Ohhhhhhhh these are just GORGEOUS! I love love love them!!!!!!!!

  3. Those stamps are fabulous!!! I love them and your bags look fabulous!

  4. love how these stamped images look on these gift bags-great idea to outline and really have them pop. such a cute gift idea Connie.

  5. You always amaze me, Connie! These looks awesome!

  6. now those are too fun.. awesome new stamps..


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