Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Try It Tuesday~remember the metal six sign?

Well hubby framed it out for me and it made all the difference.

$20 for the sign and what is so neat, there is a 7 on the back~ kids say, not a chance,
 but we're ready if they change their mind :):) 

 He used  1" x  4" cedar boards.
  He mitered the corners and I love that :)
At the bottom I added one Tim Holtz metal label  with
 the word " blessed" in it ~ because we are!

Our " little" tree~ all we need.......
Thanks for stopping by~
See ya soon.


  1. Love love love the frame he put together!! Looks amazing! And loving how the cat is trying to eat the top of your tree! LOL!!!

  2. That sign is sooo cool and looks amazing in your space. What a great idea!!! and 7 - LOL!! good luck with that.

  3. What an amazing collaboration! Love how this turned out, Connie!


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