Friday, December 26, 2014

gone junkin' friday~

Just a couple of way cool finds~
real quick (for those that are blog hopping)
This was given to me~

Cool , right?
Look at the back~
Who  remember's Montgomery Ward?

Inside pages look like this~

My mom got me this, very cool, printer's block.  I tried stamping it and never
 could get a good imprint.
I think .......this was used by the news papers.

See ya soon~


  1. Oh you always find the coolest things! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas.

  2. Ohhhhh I remember Montgomery Ward's!!! That book is an awesome find!!!!!!!!

  3. oooo awesome finds as always. did you try using the printers block up and running a brayer over it??? way cool - can't wait to see your projects.

  4. yay for Junkin days.. fabulous finds..

  5. You hit the jackpot! Did they give thoose books out to kids in the store? Almost remember something like that!

  6. Wow that book is fabulous! Such a great gift and the block is so fun,I was going to suggest a brayer and foam pad under paper.

  7. wow what awesome finds!! love the book a lot!! I have several stamps like that and have had some success with a mouse pad under the paper and using a good ink pad that is well inked but not overly so if that makes sense?? I use ranger archival inks for everything and normally works well! hope you'll get it to work they were used for newspapers i think so too!! enjoy!

  8. I have that very same Rudolph book. I read it to our oldest son, who is now 27. Might have been a hand me down from my older sister who got it for her kids:)


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