Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Try It Tuesday~ craft room make over, finally!

Hi guys!
Thanks for stopping by for Try It Tuesday!\I finally have my pictures of my
 craft room that I had re-painted in January.  I let go of lots of stuff and tried new ways of organizing my craft supplies.  I have already shared several ideas on my blog.  I'm sharing the over all look of my area  with a few close-ups.
Over all picture coming from the kitchen into the room~
I did away with the blue paint and wen t with a beige color. 
 Going light really brightened up the area.

I really wanted to add an area to sit ~ I didn't have enough room to put
 a big comfy chair in but I was able to do this~

Behind the work table, the wall of cabinets.  Some close-up photos 
of the top that is a home to all of my junkin' stuff~

My tribute to my dad~

Where I display some of my scrapbook pages~
To see more pictures go to my blog page HERE.

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See ya soon~


  1. Very nice Connie! Love the cabinets.

  2. What an absolutely gorgeous room. WOW. Lots of inspiration there.

  3. looks so nice! you may not have a comfy chair but you to have lots of room! love your junk!


  4. Wowwwwww!! Your space looks amazing! LOVING the light colored walls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love your craft room. It's so well organized. You do have a gift Connie.

  6. Loving these glimpses into your delightful space.

  7. It looks great Connie! I love the giant scissors and the way you've hung your layouts to form a unique valance!

  8. Attractive! I can see a small sized upholstered chair and stool or ottoman for reading and or plain relaxing in the corner where you have your chair

  9. Wow, you have such a spacious and charming room! Lots of creative fun must happen in there!

  10. Hi Connie, what a beautiful spacious room filled with all your wonderful goodies!
    Your cabinet wall is very impressive!
    Thanks for sharing your great space!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. This is a gorgeous space Connie. Love the calm atmosphere.So much storage, I love it.


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