Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Try It Tuesday~ repainting a Spinner!

Hi guys!
Thanks for stopping by for Try It Tuesday!
I have been wanting to paint my Spinner (the one that you get at Harbor Freight for $19.) ~
It comes in black, not very inspiring :)
And check out all those buttons this thing will hold~ yes, all those trinkets
 were in that Spinner.  Surprised me too:)

So I did~
Not as hard as I thought~

I took it apart and using spray paint, changed the color!!!
Put it back together and I have an inspiring spinner!

Matches both of my desks.  Fun project!!
Thanks for stopping by~


  1. ooooo I love that. And its perfect for all you goodies and love the new color.

  2. That looks good enough to use as a condiment server for salads, burgers, etc., and it looks easy to clean!! Love it!!

  3. gracious where did you find that - and will you ship it to me?? lol I love it !!

  4. I loved it before you redid it - now I'm at least that shad of green with envy. What a fun item to have in your craft area.


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