Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Try It Tuesday~ A fun gift idea!

Hi guys!!!
I have a really cute gift idea I want to share!
I did this to my boys for Christmas and it was fun to watch them try to figure 
out what I was trying to pull :).

This is the finished gift.  
The theme is " gas money"!
I wanted the gift to be given in a unique and fun way~
Ingredients needed:
pinto beans, one toilet paper cardboard insert, jar, money:), tag, gift tags 
and ribbon or scarf ( as in my case)

1. Put beans in the bottom of the jar so if it is turned over, all they will see is beans.
2. Place the cardboard tube in the middle of the jar and fill the jar with beans.
3, Put the money or gift in the cardboard tube,

4. Place the lid on.
5. Add ribbon or scarf.

6. Add tags 

***The funny part~the beans make the gas****
Beans are well known for making gas!
Kinda of cool and so fun!!!
See ya soon~


  1. That is so clever and fun!!! Love your ideas.

  2. Eu amei os carimbos de tags.Boa semana Connie.Valéria.

  3. LOL!!! This is GENIUS!!! I love love love it!!!! Pinning!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. that is a very clever way to gift money.. great idea Connie.. love it


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