Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sunburst Tutorial with Darkroom Door~

Hi guys!
I wanted to share with you how I made the sunburst page using the 
Sunshine Background Stamp by Darkroom Door. 
This is just another idea on how to use the stamp.

* Stamp the background stamp on white cardstock (this will serve as a
 template for repeat uses)
a little off center.

* Use a ruler and draw a line, from each Sunburst section, to the
 end of the cardstock.

* I marked the sections (every other one) with a number and cut the 
blank sections out.

*You now have a template (or stencil) that will serve as a guide for a Sunburst.

* Here is the one I made on top of black cardstock to give you an idea.  
The mat in the center is 4"x 6". 
I know this is old school, the cutting machine do these too.  I felt like
 I made this as fast as it would have taken me to figure out how to cut one.
  If your like me, this is for you  :)

* I laid the template over the paper I wanted to be the Sunburst and traced
 the lines and then cut it out.  Maybe 10 minutes :)
Thanks for stopping by~
See ya soon.


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