Thursday, May 21, 2015

Inspiration and Stamp Carving~

Hi guys!
You never know where inspiration will come from. It always surprises me where I find mine. 
I have two sets of hand carved stamps to show you, then I 'm going to show the inspiration.
You won't believe it~
#1 ~ this cute circle set of icons.
house, apple, heart , blank, music notes and arrow

#2~ watermelon stuff.
stump,watermelon slices, 5 cents sign and a dash.

and the inspiration for these~
Apple Slicer

Do you see the circle? How about the watermelon slice?
I was cutting an apple for hubby and me to share and it hit me, so off I went to carve
 and this is what I ended up with:)
Thanks for stopping by!
See ya soon~


  1. So awesome you drew inspo from that!!!! Those are AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow you are sooooo talented. You need to do a video on how to do that. I'd love to learn.


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