Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Try It Tuesday~ another pumpkin and apron!!!

 Hi guys~
Yes another pumpkin. I had three that needed some TLC for sure.  This is no. #2.
I have done one more for Clear Scraps so be looking for that one in Nov.
I re-painted and covered the stem with burlap and started arranging flowers and fall leaves around the stem.

 The flower made out of netting is buy The Curtsey Boutique, gorgeous, right?
That flower was the inspiration for this piece.

I put felt on the bottom of the pumpkin. Makes it nice for sitting on tables.
Remember the carpenter's aprons~
Well I had a sweet friend ask me for some material because she wanted to give it a try, so here is 
Karen's ( Roosterhead Designs) Apron~

I love how it came together and all the cool stuff she has in the apron.  To see more of Karen's gorgeous work, here is her gallery link.
Take care and I'll see ya soon~


  1. ooooo I love the pumpkin - you made it very elegant and that apron is adorable. Great ideas!

  2. Beautiful work, Connie! These pumpkin transformations are amazing and how sweet that you inspired a friend to make a pretty apron!

  3. Love love love the pumpkin!! SO GORGEOUS!!! And her apron turned out amazing!!!!! I am sharing mine soon ... but I hope you don't share mine ... the more I look at the preview of my post, the more embarrassed I am! LOL!!! I tried ... really I did ... but mine turned out YIKES!!!! LOL!!!

  4. Your pumpkin is so pretty, I do love the festive embellishments you added to the top. What a sweet apron and so functional too!!

  5. The pumpkins is smashing!!
    The apron is adorable.
    I have mine hanging on my chair too, but it's on a chair so I can see it all the time! It's a treasure!

  6. Thank you sweet Connie!!
    I will be using this apron on the back side of my 'sewing chair'
    in my scrap room~
    I bought 3 aprons altogether, so I think my two
    (grown) daughters may each get one!
    They're an AWESOME idea :)
    Thanks for the instructions! and inspiration~

  7. Such a pretty pumpkin Connie!!! Love Karen's apron, too! :) Evie

  8. That pumpkin is so pretty and love that apron..

  9. I love your pumpkin and it will last much longer than the carved ones. Good job.

    The apron is so cute. I like the stuff in it too.

  10. So shabby chic! I'm swooning over that apron too!

  11. I love that apron..a crafters dream :)
    Your pumpkin turned out wonderfully


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