Monday, October 7, 2013

Celebrating 1,000 blog posts~big grin!!!!

Hi guys!!!
I realized after the fact, that gone junkin' friday was my 1,000 blog post. I can't believe I have written that many blog posts since 2008.  
Wow {patting myself on the back:):)}
Anyway~I want to do something FUN!!! so BINGO it is!!!

 This is the deal ~ 
*Leave me a number HERE {on the gone junkin' friday post}
the number is what will be put in the cigar box, not your name
*Tell me what you like about my blog (or don't like)
*If you are a blog follower, tell me and your number goes in twice.
The celebration "goodie" bag will have mostly bingo cards, all different kind.  It will have at least one of every kind I own:):)  vintage, new, old ..........  {i own lots }
some vintage goodies and the paper goods{the stuff we like}!!
I will put all the numbers in the cigar box and pick one out. It doesn't matter if you have won before, one pick , one winner:):)
and last but not least
for visiting my blog!!!
{{{{{cyber hugs}}}}}}


  1. 1000 posts that means about 1000 completed projects congrats's to 1000 number is 12!

  2. Congratulations Connie on a 1000 posts...that would mean 1000 completed projects! My number is (b) 12...and yes I follow your blog :)

  3. Congratulations on making 1K posts, Connie! I'm a long way off, but I'll get there eventually. LOL!

  4. Congrats on the milestone!! That is AWESOME!!!!!!

  5. wooo hooo CONGRATS!!!! love your blog!

  6. congrats on 1000.. woohoo.. they add up fast and your awesome.. so there.. Have a great week

  7. Congrats to ya! Wow 1,000. :)
    Love those colorful bingo cards!

  8. Oh I love your blog Connie. You are always so sharing. I love most about your blog is all your Jenni Bowlin love. She is my favorite as well and I feel a kindred spirit with you.

    My number is 36!


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