Saturday, October 12, 2013

Chicken eggs, finally!!!

Hi guys!! I have a fun post for today.  Our chickens have started laying eggs.
Three so far, so I put them on the scale~

Kinda small, let's see how small~

Egg#1 ~ hmmm~ medium

 Egg#2 ~ small, ugh!!!

Egg#3~another small. 
 Hopefully they are going to get bigger.
  For now I'll use two when I need one.
Have a great weekend:):)
see ya soon~


  1. are those eggs from those teeeny tiny baby chick you had a while back? you're gonna have lots of eggs! miss you.

  2. yay for eggs.. fresh eggs are the best..

  3. Oooh fresh eggs though, even if they are small

  4. This is fun. My grandfather had layers, but he would not let us gather the eggs. Jim and I almost purchased an egg/chicken farm (for eggs only). But I was scared of the chickens. LOL

  5. Sooo fun! (ahmmm... and some work too!:)
    I'm sure you all will enjoy!~
    And I have never seen an egg scale like that B4!! Tooo cool~

  6. this reminds me of my pitiful tomoato "crop" this year. i got 3 tomatoes and they were inedible. thank goodness the cherry/grape tomatoes worked out well, except for the very end (now). at least you can eat your eggs!


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