Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dictionary Stamping~hand carved stamps.

 Hi guys~This is just a quick share on a couple more dictionary stamped pages.  I used hand carved stamps this time.  The top one is hand carved by Stephanie Ackerman.  It is carved from an eraser from Target out of the $ bin.  Clever girl!!!

This one is by Louise Nelson {my team mate } from Jenni Bowlin Studio.  I love feather's so I was so tickled this one was in last months Mercantile kit and I was able to purchase the kit. 
I so want to take a class on this!! Thinking about this one from Balzer Designs~

see you soon~


  1. ooooooo now i have to find my dictionary lol! love these.

  2. wonderful hand craved stamps. I have got to try my hand at it. your dictionary is coming right along.

  3. Those are totally cool stamps! Love them.

  4. Gorgeous stamping. Love that feather.


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