Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Try It Tuesday~remember this tool chest

Remember this tool chest I bought in Indiana last year and I filled it up with all of this very cool stuff~

Well it is really  heavy.  I have it under my work table so I lift it up and down when I need things that are in it.  So I got to thinkin' ~ wheels!!!!!

Just wheel it all over the place~works like a charm!!!! So think wheels, they really do make a difference!!!
See ya soon~


  1. Such a great idea, Connie! Just don't pop a wheelie with that thing or you'll have embellishments flying all over the place. LOL! :)

  2. What a great idea for a tool chest and the wheels are awesome!! Also, I second Lisa's comment. No wheelies Connie!! lol! xo Evie

  3. you are amazing with coming up with ideas on how to use these awesome finds!!

  4. I always love to look at all your finds!!! (I inherited quite a lot too but never find room for them in my house, so they end up all over the place!) Love this toolbox and the wheels are a perfect idea!!!

  5. Oh My I love that homemade tool box!!!


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