Friday, July 12, 2013

junkin' here and far~

 I have already started doing things with these great finds,that will be up soon.  So in the mean time let me tell you about these cool finds:):) as much as I know anyway:):)
I love a small dish like these.  They get me every time.  I think they will make great soap dishes:):). I paid $2 each. The china coffee cup is old and crazed (and that alone is what sold me not the $1)~it was $1

 I don't know what the correct name of this is but I know what it was used for~ 
It made the lines on the chalk board for the teacher to show how to write properly:):)
I paid $11, but wait I have a reason:):)~ you will see it soon.

 These door knobs were $8 each~unheard of in Texas. So they came home with me.

 Floral frogs~I still have friends looking for these~

 A sprinkler spout, that's what I call it.  To keep your cloths damp when ironing them. $1

This was given to me and is all part of another blog post~it turned out fabulous.
I know such a tease~
See ya soon!


  1. Wow! Awesome finds!
    I know you will be doing some fabulous and clever projects with them all :)

    I sure would love those door knobs... ohh, my!

  2. Love your finds! And the chalk board line maker thingie brings back memories!

  3. OMYGOSH!! Such amazing finds!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!!

  4. What great finds! and aren't you quite the tease. I can't what to see what becomes of them.

  5. Awesome finds!!! Love the chalkboard thingies!!

  6. I love your junk-in pieces, especially the chalk piece. It brings back a ton of memories. My music teacher in school used these a lot.


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