Friday, July 19, 2013

Nuts & Bolts ~ no, buttons and some JBS!!!!

Hi guys~remember this nut and bolt organizer from the 70's?  I had know idea what to do with but it was really speaking to me, so I brought it home with me.  After a good cleaning, I separated my buttons out {even more than they were}.

Hubby clamped it to my work table (underneath on the trim) with some small hand clamps.   Worked great and no holes had to be drilled to secure it to the work table.:):):)
I find myself using it all the time, so convenient .

This is a JBS True Vintage label.  I have it on an old 7up bottle I found on the ranch.  Take a look at the finished bottle HERE.  I have a couple other layouts up over on JBS also. Would love for you to stop by!!!
Have a great weekend~I'm going to check out a new junk store in our area.  I'll let you know what I find.
See ya soon~


  1. fantastoc!! what a great button holder

  2. Loveeeeeeeeee what you did with that organizer!!! How AWESOME!!

  3. oooo i do not remember that nut and bolt holder but what a great find. very cool.

  4. Love the 'button' holder. I spent some time today talking with Jenni at CKC in Murfreesboro. She was delightful and gracious as always.

  5. Where do you find this stuff Connie! I must go junkin' with you!

  6. I LOVE that nuts & bolts organizer, and the way you re-purposed it is brilliant. I am always looking for vintage containers to store my art materials too. Blessings!

  7. Rockin' organiser! Off to check out your bottle! :D

  8. Great idea. Love that organizer!


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