Friday, April 13, 2012

Mini album with Helmar and Maya Road~

Hi everyone!! One of the partnering companys with Helmar is, the fabulous, Maya Road!!! I put together a mini album, of my grands, to use as a brag book!!! I'm always wanting to show them off, what better way, so lets get started~

The cast of characters are~Helmar, Maya Road, May Arts, Elle's Studio, Buttons Galore and More, Jenni Bowlin and Smooch Spritz. Awesome, right!!!!

Using the chipboard by Maya Road I decorated the front with all kinds of goodies, spritzed and glued with Helmar 450 Quick Dry. You only glue once with this stuff~

The inside is cardstock quality paper scored at 3" sections.  I have five grands, so I added enough paper to make five 3" sections.  I lined the pattern up exact so the splice is not noticable.

To close it up I used May Arts ribbon and tied it around~very fun project and it is a lovely gift idea!

And here is the front again with the inside showing.  The Jenni Bowlin paper on the front is adhered using Helmar Professional Acid Free glue.  It doesn't wrinkle the paper and works great for this type of work~ Thanks for stopping in today and I'll see ya soon!!
I'm home from seeing my parents and we all got lots accomplished!!!!!Things are looking up!!! I have some exciting news to share when I get  the wrinkles ironed out~and I'm lov'in all of your junkin' finds~you know who you are!!:):)


  1. oh wow connie- you really rocked this min album!! great job

  2. The blue and black color combo is so eye catching, Connie! What a lovely way to show off your grands!

  3. I love this project Connie! I love the colors, and the way it folds up is really cool! Love Penny

  4. Wow wow wow wow wow!!! This is GORGEOUS!! LOVING the accordion design and just loving the vintage feel to it!!! LOVE IT!

  5. LOVE Maya Road! What a FABULOUS accordion you created, my talented friend!! Great shape to it too :)

  6. I love it. You make mini-books very well. I can't wait to hear your news.

  7. ooo you rock the mini book and vintage. Totally yummy!

  8. I love mini albums. This is adorable. Can't wait to have some time to make a few like this myself!! Looking forward to hearing your news once the wrinkles are gone! :-)

  9. WOW, fabulous, Connie! LOVE your mini!


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