Sunday, April 29, 2012

Country Living Show~meeting Jenni and Jared!!

Hubby took me to the Country Living Show in Austin yesterday and it was fantastic!!!! I got to meet Jenni Bowlin and her hubby~what a thrill, super nice people!!!!

The booth was set up so cute~so many things had me saying, adorable!!! Her booth was in the barn area, it was dark in there but the pictures are fine.  They will give you an idea of how she sits up and what she sales!! So here we~ these are things that caught my eye!!!

A snack cabinet ~ not sure, but i liked it!!!

old suit cases~

very cool~old school charts!

loved this spinner display with jewelry and brooches clipped on old playing cards~

old typewriter~

taking care of business~

was trying to show the set up of the booth, but too many peeps~

loved the box of numbers~

the spinner display again~yep, loved it!!

outside the barn area~you ever seen a cow  that colored{not the white one} the cameo one!!
only in Texas~

Here a couple of pic's of the items I bought from JBS!!!!

Isn't the brooch card cute!!!

I had a great time and it was fabulous meeting Jenni and Jared !!! It was windy and that is why my hair is standing up~hubby said he didn't notice when he took the picture~ REALLY!!!!
See ya soon!!!!


  1. I loveeeeeee Jenni!! She is soooooooooo sweet!! I loveeeeee all the pics... and the photo of you and Jenni is ADORABLE!

  2. What a great treat and your buys are gorgeous Connie :)

  3. Connie! These photos are wonderful! and I just LOVE the photo of you and Jenni!

  4. Looks like fun and I see you got your fix of 5s. :)

  5. I love her stuff and yours. Very similar WOW!! Sounds and looks like you had a blast. Love the pix too.

  6. How come men never notice these things? your buys!
    Alison xx

  7. Awesome! So happy for you, you met Jenni Bowlin!
    Oh and Connie, I totally LOVE the picture of you and Jenni!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
    Sylvia xx

  8. Thank you Randy for paying Con Back on my pic that she took and posted!!! ROFL Seriously Connie great pic of you and Jenni...I am so JEALOUS that you got to meet her!

  9. Holy Cow! How awesome is all this?! I hope you were able to get more time with Jenni. Your finds are wonderful too. Congrats on meetings the Bowlins.

  10. So super fun!!! That is really cool that you got to meet her - love that pict of you two!

  11. looks like a great day! such cool stuff....and geez Con, you are gorgeous....who cares about the hair?

  12. LUCKY DUCK! I agree on that spinner with the cool display! Awesome!

  13. Love the pic of you and Jenni! Your hair is just fine - REALLY! LOL! Great place and great finds!!

  14. Ohh you lucky lady, not only for attend the fair but to meet JB and hubby too! Fabulous items!


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