Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm at it again~

Once junkin' gets in your blood it is hard to get it out~but really who would want to!!!  So you guessed, a few more finds from a few days ago.  The dealers that I like to go to have come back from Warrenton, Texas ~the biggest junk in Texas {I want to go}really, really bad!!!  OK, this is what caught my eye~

loved this little frame~$4


These are adorable spoons~one of them has spaghetti o's on it, remember those!
$6~for all of them

gloove form~$17 {i have 3 now}:):)
Stay tuned for 10 things tomorrow{which is replacing Try It Tuesday this week. See ya soon!!!!


  1. Love the bicycle frame! I remember Spaghettios! Loved them as a kid. You couldn't pay me now to eat them. LOL!

  2. Loving your finds!! I loveeeeeeeee that little bike!!

  3. OMGosh, are you ever!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that bicycle!!! So stinkin' cute :) SpaghettiOs...I remember but didn't eat them and that's all I'm going to say...LOL!! Great finds, my friend!

  4. ooooooo i love junkin with you...that bike is adorable!

  5. What fun and funny. I think the second spoon on the left is my wedding pattern! LOL

  6. Fabulous finds! I never find treasures like yours when I go junkin'!


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