Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Try It Tuesday ~Tagging Family Heirlooms!

Hi guys!!
I started doing this tagging of family heirlooms
 or just cool stuff you want your kids to know the scoop
about.  I had a stamp made saying: belonged to __________.
It will take me years to do this but I'm starting~
I used white tags and then stamped them with the stamp.  I wrote special
 notes on the back of the tag, if I had anymore information.  On one of the
 tags I wrote the story of how I got the item. 
  Not sure if my kids or grands will find this system helpful when the
 time comes for my things to get new homes, but I'm enjoying remembering
the when and why of these special family items.
Kinda cool if you ask me~
Thanks for stopping by~

Bossy Joscie made the stamp.


  1. okay so that is like beyond cool. what a great idea!!!

  2. Great Idea. I have a few things tagged but I need a stamp...think I'll order me one..Ty Connie.

  3. Smart, smart, Very smart! I need to do more of this. (some stuff is marked) TFS! hugs, karen o

  4. That's great! When my mom passed we all got a chuckle because one of my brothers had put post-its behind all the furniture/framed prints/under the lamps/etc that said "for Dave" (in his own handwriting!!!!)


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