Monday, September 10, 2012

10 things~ my dad is teaching me.

It's time for Shimelle's 10 things, on the tenth of the month ~
My dad is on my mind these days, so my 10 things are things he is teaching me:
1. Pay it Forward  whenever I can~
2. Put my heart into it, even if I don't feel like it~
3. How awesome a "wink" can be
4. How awesome a "hug" can be
5. The comfort that comes from "quite" time~
6. I see it now~ Johnny Cash does rule !!!
7. A smile has new meaning~
8. Things that I think are easy are hard sometimes~
9. He knew what we needed before we did.
10. Be patient and wait on the Lord~

I love you, Dad!!


  1. oh what a beautiful post!!! just awesome

  2. Loveeeeee this post and #6 is just AWESOME!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

  3. oooooo that's a wonderful tribute and precious photo!

  4. So glad you included the photo. What a beautiful list, I hope you share the post with him. #6 made me laugh out loud...sometimes it takes us awhile. I just lifted a prayer of praise for the wonderful relationship you have.

    1. I teared up reading this. You are absolutely right about #6! Blessings your way!

  5. This is such a wonderful and touching list, Connie. Gives me goosebumps. Awesome photo treasure too!

  6. Our dad's must have known each other. Priorities seem the same. Love the photo...precious.

  7. that is just the nicest thing, and what a great idea to do that.

  8. such a sweet photo and great list too!

  9. What an inspiring post and very wise words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing Connie.

  10. Your Dad taught you many wonderful things. Love this list!

  11. What a lovely post - and great picture.


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