Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Try It Tuesday~ tags for gifts!

Hi guys!
Thanks for stopping in.  I was wrapping Christmas gifts and
 had no tags to label the gifts.  Nothing that some festive 
stamp sets, from Joy Clair, can't fix.  

I got these sets last month when they had a GREAT sale going on!!! I love a
good deal just like most people~

I used scrap paper and cut the tags different sizes.  I end ended up with 25 tags and
thought that would be plenty but it wasn't.  So I made 15 more.

They looked really nice on the packages!!! Should have taken a photo :(.

These go fast and easy and end up being so cute!!!

Thanks again for stopping by for

Have a wonderful Christmas and see ya soon~


  1. What another great idea. They are sooooo cool and hopefully keepsakes.

  2. These are perfection! I loveeeeeeeeeee them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lovely Connie, just beautiful!! And looks like lots of fun too; which is soo important! ; ) Have a blessed Christmas,karen o


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