Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Try It Tuesday~ different ways to use those handmade cards!

Hi guys!
Thanks for stopping by for Try It Tuesday!
I create lots of cards and started to think of a couple of 
different ways to use them.  I know sending them in the mail is a great way, 
but what if you have that very special one you would like to keep~
Here's a couple of ideas~

Remember this pop-up card, from the Darkroom Door and Karen Burniston Blog Hop
a few weeks ago, it makes a great embellishment for this scrapbook page.

Instead of the sentiment and signature space I used that space for the journal space.
The perfect place to tell the story of that day. 
Here is another idea, remember these cards from the

I really loved them and thought they would look great as a cover for a note pad.
So I stuck a note pad inside the card.  I did score another 1/4" line below the fold line.

By adding a score line, the cover will lay flat. The back will be shorter
but with the note pad on it doesn't look short. 
Thanks for stopping by for 
Hope you will give these ideas a try!!!


  1. Loveeee your lo!! LOVING the colors and the photos!!! And LOVE those notepads!!! Another fabulous gift idea!!!!!!!

  2. oooooo great ideas for those cards.

  3. Very clever Connie! Love the cards too.


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