Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Try It Tuesday~ scraps, what they are good for!!

Hi guys!!
I know you have a box of scraps, I think everyone does.  I always try to use
 them for small 
projects.  Kinda of like a freebie to me~

I have a drawer for every color.  Comes in handy to
 have them labeled too.

Started out with these cuties~3 for $1 from the dollar store. 
Now is where the scrap papers come in.   Pick out papers that are big enough
 for the front and back of the small note books.

I used X-Press It tape (like score tape) and adhered the paper to the front cover.
Then take scissors and cut around the cover (don't even need to sand the edges).
Gather up chipboard stickers and embellishments to add to the front covers.

I just used odds and ends of paper collections for the decorations.  I added some
word stickers to the front also.

Now for the reason~
My mom is in an asisited living facility and my sister had this awesome idea  for us to make crafty gifts, for the ladies that assist my mom.  Sis put a basket in her room and we are trying to keep it full of crafty goodies.  Mom likes the basket too, she gets lots of vistors!!!
Just a little thank you and a little act of kindness go far:)
Thanks for stopping by for
Connie M.


  1. What a FABULOUS idea!!! I loveeeeeeeeee these!!!! Great idea for teachers too!!!!! :)

  2. What a great, crafty idea. Everyone loves homemade.

  3. Ive got a stack of these little notebooks and lots of scraps. I bet Dylan would love to give his teacher a few of these.


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