Monday, October 30, 2017

Passion Scrapbooking Magazine ~ French Publication !

Hi guys!!
I have a really cool thing to share with you.  It is so random.
I had a Scrapbooking magazine, from France, contact me about a page I did in 2010 using
 70's themed scrapbooking products.  
Passion Scrapbooking, ever heard of them?

They put together an awesome magazine, very different from what I'm used to.  I love seeing how different countries publish art magazines.  The magazine is about an inch wider and an inch taller  than a USA publication.  The magazine alone has over 64 scrapbook papers, that are perforated (to tear out easy) and die cut themed images to accent the papers.  

This is a sample of how the pattern paper is in the magazine. So cool!!!

The page they asked for, was a page I did using "Little Yellow Bicycle" products
 that were themed for the 70's.  

Notice that the script is French :)  

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share this with you.  
Passion Scrapbooking's Facebook page.
Hope you take a look!!
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  1. That is SOOOOO COOL!!! Love the page. Congrats. The magazine sounds really neat. There are so few left.

  2. Now to find a picture of you in your bell bottoms.......

  3. HUGE CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! That is AWESOME!!!!! And very cool they add the paper to the mag!!!!!!!!!!!!


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