Monday, September 11, 2017

Try It Tuesday~early again! Milk Caps ~

Hi guys!!!
I have some really cool Milk Caps to share that I picked up junkin' this past month. 
I have never seen these types before ~
They will make great additions to any art project~

This was my favorite~ I walked away with one and went back for 3 more at $3. each. The lady told me she thinks they were WW11 era.  Very cool for a scrapbook page for a boy!!

Loved this one!!  Wish I had bought all they had but again $1.75 each.  I got 5 and have used one on my card for the Coffee Lovers Blog Hop coming soon.

These are really bright red and new to me.  I bought all 5 at $1. each
I made up a printable sheet of the milk caps and would like to share
 with who ever is interested.

Shoot me an email (icon on right top) and I will send you the files.
Print out on 5"X 7" cardstock and punch or cut out.  It is not the real thing but will look so cool!!
I will be out of town but if you catch me before I leave I will send out if not it will be Friday.
Hope you enjoy the printable copy!!!


  1. I love these. I've been doing a bit myself. I need to share.

  2. I love milk caps.why some scrappy mfg hasn't come up with them i don't know. you need to design some :)

  3. Connie-our local antique shop has old milk caps-think they are 5/$1. Any in particular you're looking for? I'll get them for you!

  4. These are awesome!!!!!!!!! I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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