Monday, September 4, 2017

Try It Tuesday ~ a day early!!

Hi guys!!!
  Glad to be back. Enjoyed the trip and my time with my grands. They are fun !!!
On my trip we went junkin' of course:)   I found a jadeite hand for $17.  I was so tickled.
Came home and was taking pictures of my junkin finds and I knocked it over, by accident~

The way it broke, in chunks, I thought I could glue it back~

I used 527 by Beacon. It works well and pretty fast drying, with the glass.  I put the large chunk in first.  Let it dry over night.

Next to piece these back in.  I ended up with three I couldn't get back in, so I had a 
hole in the base of the hand ~ ugh!!!!
I was planning on using buttons for the bottom~
Buttons Galore & More to the rescue.

Love the way it came together.  Took a couple of days to dry but it is strong!!! and the buttons aren't they beautiful and so perfect, to save this glass piece (that really speaks to me).

The buttons I used are the Juniper, by the pound by Buttons Galore & More, Gorgeous 
buttons!!!  All sizes and shades of green, made them perfect for this project.  
Let this be a lesson~ don't knock over your prized junkin' find but when life happens, fix it!!!
Thanks for stopping by~


  1. Great find and even better save! And I've never seen a hand in Jadeite before, and so you. Glad you made it home safe and sound.

  2. PERFECTION!!!!!!!!! I am loving how you fixed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I found an antique (small) rocking horse and right when we got back to our vehicle, Brian accidentally dropped in the parking lot and broke it in two places -- and I did something similar -- I glued back what I could, and then covered the other holes with flowers! :)

  3. When I saw the picture on facebook my heart stopped. But this is even better than the original. Great save Connie.

  4. This is so cool! Both before AND after!

  5. Absolutely PERFECT! These buttons were the perfect choice and it is now even more beautiful and original.

  6. Fabulous recovery...such a beautiful piece of art!!

  7. Great save!! You totally nailed it. bwahahaha!


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