Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Try It Tuesday~more junkin'!!!

Hi guys!
I have more junkin' stuff from our trip to Indiana and then Montana, 
so here we go~

Thought this was a neat book.  Loved the colors and the graphic on the book front.

My idea is a Christmas ornament.  It is small and it was a great piece to alter.
"Peace on Earth"

Green wooden divided box~ caught my eye,  $15.00
Pine cones we picked up in the wild :) on our way to Montana.
Love the small ones!!!

These are vintage post cards from Mt. Rushmore. I will use them when I scrapbook the Rushmore photos.  $2.00 each

This is a large mouth freezer jar lid. I have 2 freezer jars but no lids.
  Very cool find to me.
Thanks for stopping by for
see ya soon~
good stuff comin'


  1. ooooo swoon on the book cover. actually everything is soooo cool!

  2. Great finds! I haven't seen a Ball Freeze Cap before. I love the spelling book. I look for fun books like that as well. I still need to share my finds from Florida's trip. You continue to inspire me with your junkin'.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhh LOVING it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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