Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Totes with Clear Scraps!

Hi, Connie here with a fun tutorial on creating a decorative tote bag using stencils by Clear Scraps.  I have two tote bags to show using different stencils by Clear Scraps. Here is the first one with a tutorial on how it was created.
Clear scraps_sun flower stencil_c. mercer


Sunflower_stencil_clear scraps_c. mercer
1. Place a piece of cardboard inside the canvas bag in case the paint bleeds through.
2. Take the Sunflower stencil and mark an X on the top of the stencil and that will be your starting point. You will lay it over the Sunflower when you do the center; the X will come in handy to get the stencil lined up with the flower petals.
3. Pour out some yellow paint and apply it to the stencil brush. Brush the paint out on scrap paper and then take it to the canvas bag.  Repeat the process to get a smooth application of paint.
4. When the petals are completed, remove the stencil and add brown paint to the center. Using the stencil brush or a sponge, with an up and down motion.
5. When the brown paint is dry, lay the Sunflower stencil over the Sunflower (this is where the X comes in handy to line up the petals).
6. Pour out some black paint and apply the paint to a stencil brush and stencil in the black center dots on the Sunflower.
7. Using other Clear Scraps stencils apply more color to the canvas bag. Make sure the paint is dry before laying the stencil on the canvas bag.  It is OK to stencil over each design, kind of fun. 
8. Speckle the bag by using an old tooth brush. Thin out the black paint by adding a little water and load up the tooth brush with the paint. Stand over the project and run your thumb through the tooth brush.  The effect is great looking.   Try not to get drips but if you do, those look great too!!!
Sunflower stencil_clear scraps_c.mercer
Products used:
Acrylic paint: white, black, green, orange, purple, yellow and brown.
Stencils by Clear Scraps: 12” Fall Leaves, 12” Sunflower, 12” Chevron and 6” Fruit of the Spirit.
Other: Stencil brushes, sponges, paper towels, old tooth brush and water (to clean brushes).
Here is the second bag using the 12" Tree Branch stencil by Clear Scraps.

Clear scraps_branch stencil_c. mercer

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Connie Mercer/DT Member


  1. Wow!! Love them especially the big flower. You just have a way to make them look amazing.

  2. How nice! Happy Thanksgiving my friend!


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